Chromebooks brought global standards of ICT education to ICU

I’m surprised by the ease of deploying ICT solution with Chromebooks at such low cost.

Fumi Matsuzaka, ICU High school, Department of Mathematics


Many of the ICU students planned to go abroad for higher education. To prepare these students, ICU needed an infrastructure of international standards. ICU High School already had 86 old computers that had to be refurbished. Fumi Matsuzaka, Mathematics teacher, sub-chairman of the maintenance facility committee, led this initiative. He was new to IT but he was keen to improve the ICT infrastructure of ICU.


While looking for solutions that would prepare ICU students for higher education, Fumi also needed something that could be easily deployed as he did not come from IT background. He realized that devices should come with a keyboard as it is essential for students in the class. He says “We tried smartphones and tablets. However, to express and write sentences, we needed a keyboard. Not just in English and Japanese classes, even in Mathematics class” Fumi, although new to implementing and planning IT, could easily deploy Chromebooks for ICU to address all their ICT needs.