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The Future of Education

Google for Education collaborated with research partner Canvas8 to conduct a study across 24 countries on the future of education. The result is a three-part global report highlighting insights from around the world.

    Global nonprofit American Institutes for Research (AIR) served as an advisor and consultant to this research.

      Building the report

      This report contains insights from interviews with education thought leaders from around the world, including experts in policy, academic researchers covering education, district-level representatives, school principals and teachers and edtech leaders.

      educational experts
      years of peer-reviewed academic literature


      Teaching for tomorrow

      A new Google for Education YouTube series, featuring conversations with thought leaders shaping the future of education.

      Teaching for tomorrow trailer

      What might education look like in the next 5-10 years? Check out the trailer for our new YouTube series, Teaching for tomorrow, which features expert insights on topics from teaching and learning, to digital literacy and more.

      Teaching for tomorrow with Tony Wagner

      Join Tony Wagner (he/him), Ed.D., Senior Research Fellow at the Learning Policy Institute, to learn about the skills students will need in tomorrow’s workplace, the promise of education technology, and more.

      Teaching for tomorrow with Jan Owen

      Join Jan Owen (she/her), Co-chair of Learning Creates Australia, for insights on how education can empower students to help solve the global problems of today and tomorrow.

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