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Compare and choose the right Google Meet version

Use Meet across your school community at no cost with Education Fundamentals. Need additional capabilities? Sign up for the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Education Standard or Education Plus.

General ease-of-use features

Education Fundamentals1

Education Standard

Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Education Plus

Video and voice conferencing

100 participants
100 participants
250 participants
500 participants

Dial-in access to meetings


Single sign-in access

Dedicated Meet link within Classroom

For meetings started from Classroom, all teachers are meeting hosts by default

For meetings started from Classroom, students sit in a “waiting room” until a teacher joins

For meetings started from Classroom, only students and teachers in the class can join

See your presentation and meetings participants at the same time

coming soon Pin multiple tiles at once

Easily present your content to Google Meet directly from Docs, Sheets, and Slides with the click of a button

coming soon Embed live Meet video calls in your Docs, Sheets and Slides to see each other while collaborating together

Record meetings and automatically save them to Drive

Temporary benefit until Jan 9, 2022.
Temporary benefit until Jan 9, 2022.

Attendance tracking with automated reports

Noise cancellation

coming soon Automatic positioning of speakers to the middle of the screen

Coming soon Use Meet within Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Coming soon Automatically transcribe video meetings in Meet to Google Docs.

  • 1 Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is available for no charge for qualifying institutions. Learn more

Moderator features

Manage requests to join in bulk

Control who can use chat or present features

Pin, resize, or hide participants

Eject people from meetings

Mute individual participants or everyone at once

Multiple co-hosts feature

Automatic blocking of anonymous attendees

Meeting safety locks

End meeting for everyone on a call

Prevent individuals from rejoining a call

Turn off everyone’s video at once with “video lock”

Coming soon Assign co-hosts before each meeting

Coming soon Minimize your Meet calls to see attendants while browsing tabs in Chrome

Engagement and inclusivity features

Larger tiled view of up to 49 participants

Live captions available in a range of languages

Hand raise feature

Digital whiteboards

Customize or blur backgrounds

Breakout rooms

Q&A and polls

Polls and QA

Live stream to people in your domain


coming soon Live stream publicly with anyone outside of your school’s domain


coming soon Use closed captions during livestreams

Real-time translated captions

Coming soon Auto-transcribe video calls

Coming soon YouTube livestreaming

Coming soon Q&A and polls during livestreams

Coming soon Engage in conversation with in-meeting reactions

Admin features

Set policies for who can join your school’s video calls

Set policies for whether people from your school can join video calls from other schools

Set policies for Quick access and who can use the chat in meetings across your domain

Get insights into how people in your domain are using Meet with audit logs in the Admin console

Identify, triage, and take action on security and privacy issues with Meet logs in the investigation tool

Admins can end any meeting in their domain from the investigation tool

General ease-of-use features

Education Fundamentals1

Education Standard

Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Education Plus

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